Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More electrical

And then there was light!  I have some of the lights back on downstairs with only the porch light and the one in the front of the house to connect.  I should have been done last weekend, but Seth wanted to put a ceiling fan in the living room.  We picked one out this weekend, and every day since then I have attached a new fixture.  

I did my best not to make too make the holes in our ceiling very big, but the harder I tried, the larger the hole became.   I guess I have my next project.
Here are pictures of some of the holes in the ceiling.  The last one I had to make to run new romex down the wall for a new switch.

Having done very little electrical work, and no real training with wiring, I kept having these scary thoughts that when I finally turned everything on, the whole house was going to go up in flames.  But we finally have lights downstairs and the fan and all the lights work. 

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