Monday, January 19, 2009

Knob And Tube

Although our house was rewired two years ago, we found that all the lighting on the first floor was on an old circuit with knob and tube wiring. So I decided that it was time to rewire, thinking it would only take me a few hours......
Well over a week later I have most of the wires in place. The reason it took so long was that the wires from the living room ceiling light went out into the porch, then under the floor of the upstairs bedroom, then behind the baseboard and finally back down to the switch right by the front door. The porch light and the foyer light were all spliced into this circuit behind the baseboard upstairs. So, I had to make holes in the ceiling inside the front door and then take off the baseboard upstairs to run the new wires. I really didn't want to do it because that is the only wall which still had plaster (all the other walls upstairs have exposed lath with very little plaster - most of it was like that when we moved in).
Anyway, I now have to put in new electrical boxes in the ceiling and then attach the new fixtures. I'm hoping to finish everything this week but then I thought I would be finished last weekend! I even added a new light outside which was painful because it was really cold and after a few minutes my fingers would go numb. People in our neighborhood thought that we were either really brave or completely crazy to have bought the house, so after my little stint in the cold trying to drill holes through the front of the house and fishing wires and putting up the light, I think I have convinced them of the latter!
Well, I will hopefully post some pictures of the mess I created soon.

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