Monday, January 12, 2009

List of house projects!

When we moved into the house, we came up with a list of things that we need to do based on the truth in housing from the city, things our insurance company wanted us to fix and other improvements that we needed to make.  S's parents were going to come up to help in November as they knew what they were doing.  So here is the first thing on our ambitious list of things to get done.

Renovate and extend the bathroom.  

The original bathroom in the house was on the second floor.  It was small and the old clawfoot bathtub was placed under the slope of the roof, so it did not have a shower.  I could not find a picture of the bathroom and this was the best I had.  The ceiling was a horrible purple and the wall paper had big blue and purple flowers.
We did put in a makeshift shower at some point until S's parents came up to help with the projects.

So far we have extend the bathroom taking away some space from the bedroom, installed a new tub and sink and also moved the laundry into this bathroom from the basement (to get around a truth in housing problem). While we were doing this, we ran new PVC pipes for the waste that would eventually replace the cast iron (which I have not finished yet) and PEX tubing for the water supply.  

But we still have to finish the framing for the bathtub which is sitting on 2x4's and frame the walls.  In the meantime, we have a tarp hung from the ceiling where the wall will be eventually!

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