Monday, February 16, 2009

No activity

When I finished all the electrical work in the house, I really have not felt like doing very much work on the house.   We talked about it last week and decided that should look into home loans to fix the house up and that way we can put in a fireplace or wood stove, redo the kitchen and have someone finish everything we started.  

Our house is not very big and we also talked about extending the back so that we can have two bedrooms, a pantry and bathroom on the first floor.  That way we could also extend the single tuck-under garage and convert it into a two car garage.  

We finally got all our paperwork together yesterday and sent it to our mortgage guy today.  So we are keeping our fingers crossed and will see what happens.

House Insulation

I was just reading another house blog that talked about the lack of insulation in the attic.  We had the same problem - we don't even have insulation in any of the exterior walls.  Our heating bills this winter have been quite high.  I insulated the attic with fiberglass rolls of R-30 in January.  I know that is not optimal for Minnesota, but I figured something was better than nothing.   Our Jan heating bill did come down a very little bit, but considering how cold January was - when the temperature was at -24 and and the house would not heat up beyond 62, . I'm glad I got the insulation put in!