Monday, September 21, 2009


I know I said I would post pictures but I couldn't find the camera. Well, I found the camera, took new pictures and then I couldn't find the cable to download the pictures. But now I have both, so here are a couple of pictures of our kitchen. It is 90% complete and only needs under-cabinet lights and some drywall on the ceiling! These pictures were taken when we started the remodel so it is a little messy....

The kitchen before: All the counter space we had is in the middle picture can see all the counter space we had (it is right next to the window). The picture on the right was taken after the plumber was done putting the waste stack into the wall.

The kitchen now. We still have to paint and are going to do a greenish tile for a backsplash. We filled in the missing pieces from the reuse center cabinets with ikea sheves and wine rack, and are going to paint all the cabinets white.

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