Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fired the contractor

We fired the contractor about a week or so into getting things started. It just wasn't working out. Insisted that the plumber finished before he would send in his guys, but the plumber needed the contractor to do several things so he could put in the plumbing. So, we (and by we I mean Bill mainly), ended up tearing out the kitchen and everything else that the plumber needed. Finally it got to he point where Bill was going to put in the new cabinets and we are getting custom concrete counter tops so all the contractor had to do was sister 4 joists in our kitchen ceiling before all the plumbing could be finished. well, then he said he would show up on 2 separate occasions - once to check on how many joists he needed and the second to actually do the work. The first time he said he had too much to do, and the second time after telling him I had to be at work at 9, he called at 8:40 telling me he was still a half hour away and had to stop to talk to someone on the way. With that, he brought the firing on himself......

Turned out though that I also fired the plumber. After the ceiling joists were fixed, I called the plumber asking him why he had not shown up and he told me that he had a contract to work for us with the contractor and not with us. Sigh, set us back a couple of days, but we got a new contract with him and now have our rough-in inspection tomorrow!!!! He is a great plumber, did a ton of work - tore out everything, and put in new water lines, gas lines and waste and vents for 2 bathrooms and the kitchen. Anyway, we hope we will be done with the plumbing sometime next week!

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