Monday, March 2, 2009

House Plans

We had an FHA evaluator come out and draw up plans for the house last week.  He came up with a big list of things to had to be done and others that we would like done.   The final construction total was higher than we hoped and now we have to go back to the mortgage agent to do comps to see if our house would appraise for that amount after we are finished with the work.  

On the first floor he has us taking out one of the two entrance doors (which is great!), taking out two kitchen windows and taking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room.  The other two we figured are optional and while it would be nice to open up the kitchen/dining room, we can live with it the way it is.  The major renovations on the first floor are adding the bathroom, redoing the kitchen and redoing the back bedroom. 

On the second floor, which is our master bedroom, we have to finish the new bathroom, most of which is already in place, fix the floors, and put in the closet.  

The rest of the work not shown in his renderings is adding a detached garage, fixing our failing foundation under the front porch, fixing the front porch, painting inside and outside, fixing the stairs and redoing the floors.  

I contacted three contractors today and they are all coming out this week to give me estimates and thank you to the guys in the 1928 northrup bungalow for recommending their contractor, who is coming out to see the house on Friday (which I guess was 2 weeks ago, since I forgot to actually publish the post!!).

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