Friday, March 20, 2009


Ok.  So we have started getting bids back for the house and the first one came back at a whopping 300k.  Now I know that we have a lot going on, but 73k for a 2 car detached garage is absurd.  The other parts of the bid were also extremely high.  I sent an email back to the contractor asking him if I was reading the estimate wrong and pointed out that if I was reading it correctly, 73k for a detached garage was insane.  I tried to be as polite as possible without coming out and asking him if he was on crack.  I also asked if he would like a chance to redo the bid or if he had no interest in the project to let me know rather than making up numbers.  

The second bid however was a lot more reasonable.  They even came out twice so that they didn't miss anything.  Overall the bid is a little on the high side, but I'm sure we could work things out and prioritize as needed.   Also the PM and even the second guy he brought with him were cute :)

After the crazy first bid though, I called another contractor, we have subs for the third guy visiting next week and we have another pm looking over the work to see if she would be interested in taking on a side project!  

Now its back to the mortgage people.

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