Friday, May 8, 2009

Cedar Ave

Cedar Ave is one of the main streets in South Minneapolis.  Unfortunately, over the years, it has become a main alternate route for people to drive into the city as well as to the MOA.  As a result, the traffic is horrendous, it is also unsafe in some areas, not bike or pedestrian friendly. Here is a group of residents in the South Minneapolis that are working with the county and city to correct these problems and also to promote local businesses in the area.  If you live in any of the neighborhoods adjacent to Cedar, I urge you to go check out CAU.  You can find more information at and .


  1. I just found your blog, so thanks for the shoutout to Cedar Ave United. I wish I was able to attend more of their meetings-- it seems I always have a conflict-- because this is a great group.

    And a belated "welcome to the neighborhood" of Twin Cities housebloggers!