Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Blog Name?

If we don't start work on our house soon I may have to change the name of this blog to "the Ghetto House." Last week we came home to find the bottom of our screen door had fallen off. The Byerly's deliver guy laughed and asked if it was a new doggie door.  I thought about changing it, but our plan is to open up the porch, in which case we will not need a screen door there, so I don't want to have to buy one now if it is only going to be for a couple of weeks.  

Our neighbors who have all seen the inside of the house at some time all realize how much work we have to do, so hopefully they won't complain to the city.  

As far as getting our loan, we just sent the plans to the loan officer and are waiting for an appraisal.  We decided to have the floor of the tuck-under garage dug out so that the whole space meets the height requirements for a bedroom.   So this way we get appraised as a 3 bed/2 bath house instead of a 2/2.  

In the picture is Buster warming himself up this winter.  It was one of his favorite spots when it got really cold outside.

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